Earlier this week, I recorded my 4th podcast about a Brand story. Often this topic is taken for granted by most business owners so, in this episode, we discussed why brand story matters and how to create one that connects to your ideal clients. 

Jen Cajucom, Editor for Visuals and Community Engagement for Marketing in Asia, and a passionate CEO brand strategist who helps CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners find their true voice, and translate that into a more authentic and a more human-centered brand through storytelling shared a template that we can all use to craft a brand story that our ideal clients can resonate with. 

Brand Story Framework

  1. I I have a story to tell you.” A soft introduction to prepare them for your pitch, without pushing too hard. 
  2. You – “I’m pretty sure that you’ve also experienced this.” This establishes a connection to your target audience, showing that you’ve experienced the same thing
  3. They – Third-party entities to solidify your story like research, studies, scientists, etc. 
  4. We – Involve your audience to take action because your brand is the solution to their problem. 

This can be found on the audio/video timestamp 20:05 if you want to jump right into it. 

Jen believed that we can all take advantage of our own stories, and communicate a genuine message so that people can understand what we can do to help them, and why we keep doing it. We just have to write it in a certain way and give them a chance to take part in the solution that we offer. 

To determine your ideal customers, I love how Jen mentioned that instead of answering the question “what we love doing”, we should ask ourselves, “what we love doing for other people”

This way, we don’t just discover our gift but we can also find the group of people where our gift will add more value. This way, we are not competing with others because we’re already the best at what we do and we love doing too, to a special group of people, and that is our ideal clients. 

I hope you’ll learn more about crafting your brand story in this episode, and if you have more topics in mind, feel free to drop them in the comments below, and I’ll try my best to find the best resource person who can help me deliver that topic soon.  

By the way, Jen also curates her own podcast called “Your Brand, Your Story, so you can be sure that brand story is her “zone of genius”. Feel free to follow here, too, along with the Passion and Purpose Podcast where this episode can be found. 

Here’s the Spotify link: http://bit.ly/PassionAndPurposeEp4 and I’ll see you in my next post!