Earlier today, I recorded episode 7 of the Passion and Purpose podcast, and while doing that, a realization came to me. Most of us are looking for ways on how to live a life with purpose, passion and a profitable business, but not everyone is blessed to have all 3. The question is, how do we do that?  

Based on experience, the road to self fulfillment is a journey that we all have to go through. Along the way, I found a few myths that I feel we should all remember and learn from. 

5 Myths of Finding Your Life Purpose

  1. Finding your purpose is not a destination that everyone thought it was. We all have to keep moving forward and grow with it, otherwise, we’ll get stuck somewhere and the feeling of accomplishment goes away.  
  2. There’s no mistake-proof formula for all. Everyone has their own process. No one is faster than the other. Depending on our resilience, life experiences, goals, grit, consistency, limitations, and opportunities, we grow at different pace, thus learn differently, so let’s not expect that we should all arrive somewhere at the same time. 
  3. Failure is not the end of the world. Contrary to what others think, failure teaches us many lessons is very essential for growth. One will not grow without failing at anything, so let’s not be scared of it. Instead, let’s embrace failure and be ready to bounce back at any time. We can mourn for a day but after that, we should get back on our feet and get going. 
  4. It’s not like hunting for a buried treasure. It’s an everyday commitment to doing something where you feel most valuable at, loving the process and finding the meaning in it. Unlike treasure hunting that becomes a once in a lifetime quest, our road to finding our purpose is an everyday journey that we should all commit to doing. Even if we found a treasure, our journey should still keep moving. Whether we succeed or fail, we just have to keep going, because there’s no joy and fulfillment in quitting. 
  5. You won’t find your purpose anywhere. It’s within you. You need to understand yourself well, and find where your heart feels the happiest; where you feel you are needed. It’s the synergy of your heart’s desire, and the feeling of being responsible for something. It’s finding true meaning in what you do and feeling its relevance to the people that we want to serve

It will not be easy. It will not be a smooth road ahead, but once you fully commit to it, you’ll feel the difference. Sometimes, finding your purpose comes while you’re doing something you love. In fact, the Passion and Purpose podcast was initially created for 5 reasons. Let me share them with you: 

5 Reason Why I started The Passion and Purpose Podcast

  1. To share tips, tricks, and hacks from “people who have been there and done that”
  2. To help new entrepreneurs establish their digital footprint 
  3. To showcase purposeful businesses borne out of passion 
  4. To communicate an out-of-the-box solution
  5. To share impossible visions and entrepreneurial adventures

To do these, I would need as much help as I can get to help spread the word. This is where I feel I am needed. I feel that I am being called to create a community of entrepreneurs wanting to make a difference. To support each other, instead of competing with each other. To help, instead of wanting to get ahead. To become someone that gives value rather than take advantage of something. 

For me, my passion for online entrepreneurship has led me to another purpose. To help build a community that influences others to become their own bosses, and help others do the same. 

If you’re with me in this journey, I am inviting you to join The BOSS facebook group, where we are going to build our own innovative and passionate culture. 

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