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Rochefel Rivera

A visionary leader dedicated to transforming your passion into a profitable business venture. Through purpose-driven entrepreneurship and digital transformation, she empowers individuals to take bold actions and achieve tangible results. Her expertise lies in crafting smart and scalable business strategies that unlock the full potential of your business.

Venture into a Transformative Journey with Rochefel Rivera, Your Guide to Navigating Digital Transformation and Transforming Passion and Purpose into Thriving Business Ventures.

Rochefel is dedicated to turning goals into achievable milestones through her deep understanding of purpose-driven entrepreneurship and digital transformation.

Her expertise lies in crafting smart and scalable business strategies that unlock the full potential of income streams through digital transformation. Embarking on her online journey as a Virtual Assistant in 2013, Rochefel’s story reflects humble beginnings blossoming into remarkable achievements.

Fueled by a passion for training, coaching, and business consulting, Rochefel remains devoted to inspiring individuals to realize their potential and build successful enterprises through digital transformation.

In her journey, Roche encountered struggles and failures in her business ventures. However, she persisted until she found the opportunity to monetize her strengths in mentoring, course development, training, and consulting, emphasizing the essence of digital transformation in business success.

Her versatility not only symbolizes the journey to success but pioneers it. Spearheading FOPSCo, a national-based cooperative, Rochefel elevates standards in the Filipino Online Professionals industry, highlighting the power of collaboration and digital transformation to achieve greater collective progress.

Driven by the belief that together we can achieve more, Rochefel envisions uniting visionary leaders to foster a sustainable online environment that sets new benchmarks for collective progress and benefits everyone by creating an ecosystem of online opportunities. 

Rochefel’s mission revolves around helping businesses in their digital transformation journey while helping them discover their passion and life’s purpose, creating an ecosystem of opportunities large enough for everyone to thrive and grow. 

The goal-oriented team that helps me deliver motivating results

Championing her recent journey in Seoul, South Korea, where she completed the Trainer’s Training for Enhancing the Digital Economy Participation for ASEAN Women MSMEs, Rochefel stands poised to mentor MSMEs to new heights in the coming two years through digital transformation.

Join Rochefel on transformative adventures where empowerment and success converge seamlessly through the lens of digital transformation. Witness the transformation of passion and purpose into life-changing achievements and help create an ecosystem of opportunities for everyone to thrive and grow in the realm of digital transformation. 🚀🔥🌐

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