Rochefel Rivera has been a prominent figure in the online professional’s industry since 2013. Motivated by her ambition to expand work and business opportunities for numerous Filipinos, she promptly initiated training and coaching sessions.

In 2016, she led a series of VApreneur (Virtual Assistant Entrepreneur) workshops across different provinces, working alongside a select group of friends. It was during this period that the concept of founding a nationwide cooperative took shape, aligning with her vision to amplify digital transformation in work and business opportunities for countless Filipinos.

“The hardest thing in life is not knowing why you exist.

The worse is having to live with it until you run out of time.”


Our VApreneur Adventures

Everything started here. With trusted friends and Payoneer, we were able to organize a series of workshops in various provinces to start sharing the online opportunities to our fellow Filipinos. 

Workshop 01: Metrowalk, Pasig City

Our first workshop organizing in 2016, with a few friends, our common beliefs that we all deserve to be paid according to the value of our service and not where we’re located, and our love for sharing the online opportunities.

 Workshop 02: Iligan City, Lanao del Norte

All the while, I thought I was in the  Visayas, not knowing that Iligan is part of Northern Mindanao! This was another adventure  shared with ADROIT, a local group of online professionals, Payoneer, and my ever faithful and loving VApreneur friends!

Workshop 03: Cagayan De Oro City, CDO

Another trip to Mindanao, this time, meeting new friends, discovering new opportunities, and learning more about the people who wanted to earn from home. The Philippines is filled with talented individuals always ready to plunge!

Workshop 04: Angeles City, Pampanga

This was where I met Fred Mosquida, and Virginia Baustista, two prominent names in the online professionals industry that I had the priviledge of sharing a journey with. What an adventure!

Workshop 05: Pampanga Developers Group

Never imagined to be given an opportunity to speak in front of an audience more technical than I am! I’m still glad they were able to get semething worthwile.

Workshop 06: Department of Trade and Industry

It was an honor to be invited by the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) to discuss basic Graphics and Video editing to local MSMEs in Zambales.

Training and Speaking

Apart from her training, speaking, mentoring, and digital course development roles, Roche unexpectedly discovered that her passion for assisting individuals in shaping their concepts into prosperous businesses would mark the beginning of her digital transformation mentorship adventure.

Virtual Assistance: President Roxas, Capiz

My very first Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training (RISTT) experience, courtesy of the Department of Information Communications and Technology.

Their warm welcome made me always want to come back for more to enjoy their beautiful town, the rich aroma of their local coffee, and the abundance of seafood!

The food, friendly people, fresh air, and an admirable town of President Roxas in Capiz will always be close to my heart.

E-commerce and Digital Marketing: Castillejos, Zambales

Meet the RISTT Trainees from Castillejos, Zambales, the most fun and loving class I’ve handled.

Imagine having a child and multiplying it by 23 students with different personalities in a confined space. Crazily fun, it is!

E-commerce and Digital Marketing: Catbalogan, Samar

When I’m in a class, I always remember how the experience was. The people I meet, the things that spark joy and the relationship built.

Though the class might be overwhelming to them, their friendship made them conquer their limits, and their determination made them more reliable as they all work and help each other as one.

Ladderized ESL, VA, and Social Media: Baler, Quezon

The beach! I am sooo in love with the beach, the local food, and friendly people!
With great support from the local government and the class determination to achieve an outstanding result, all of them got to make a sale during the class. A remarkable experience for me and something that they’ll all remember, for sure!
The tasks weren’t easy. The standards set to graduate were high. Yet, they all made it with flying colors because they worked together as a team.

Social Media and Advertising: Mariveles, Bataan

In mastering the latest Digital Marketing skills and making an impact, Digital Jobs PH Trainees from my homewton in Mariveles, Bataan learned not just inside the classroom, but outside. Their business immersion activities is what bonded the team together and led them to become FOPSCo’s first ever business center!

Virtual Assistance: Palayan, Nueva Ecija

Despite the class dynamics, having a mixture of early twenties, thirties, and fifties, they were able to create a great adventure out of their DJT experience.

COVID may have hindered them from finishing their tasks and delayed their graduation for months, but they didn’t stop there. They kept pushing until they get online jobs and projects.

The online professional’s industry is not easy, but if you persevere enough, there’s no doubt anyone can not make it, just like what this class did.

Homeschooling Community

As an advocate of a home-based lifestyle and an active homeschooling mom, Roche is also active the in homeschooling community, training for parents, and kids and having fun at the same time. 

Graphics Through Canva and Basic Coding

Aside from training adults, I mean the online professionals, MSMEs, Teachers, and parents, I also enjoy training kids in our homeschooling coop, a small group of parents we co-founded in 2016.

We aim to give our kids a variety of outdoor experience while keeping a small group of homeschoolers as their classmates for their socialization skills.

Activities such as baking, cooking, painting, dancing, camping, going in libraries, parks, theaters, iceskating, obstacle parks, etc are being organized on a regular basis to keep them always looking forward to the next event. This also make them love homeschooling even more!

Homeschooling Field trips      (Pre-Covid)

Prior to the COVID pandemic, the coop used to organize field trips, events, camping, dance presentations, and other activities the kids love doing. We believe that homeschooling doesn’t really have to be confined at home. The world is their classroom, and it’s too big a class to be handled alone, so we’re taking turns in creating activities, managing, and even disciplining the kids.

The Homeschooling Parents

Because I am always vocal about my homeschooling advocacy, an invitation to speak in homeschooling events has become part of my online adventures.

I also began hosting a few events of my own with the help of my #FOPSCo friends through my FB page, “The Home-Based Lifestyle” to help new homeschooling parents transition from traditional to blended or home-based learning, reduce their fear, and show the advantage of homeschooling both for parents and children!

FOPSCo, an organization for Filipino online professionals

In 2019, her cooperative concept was born through the support of DICT, a government institution that promotes national ICT development in the Philippines. As predictable as she was and with the help of her mentor, co-trainers, friends, past and present students, she led to organize a national-based cooperative for Filipino online professionals, a very ambitious vision never been tried before in cooperative history. 

Her Purpose

Roche hoped to build a dependable community of online professionals filled with talents,  and a strong family-like culture, that cultivates character, growth and entrepreneurship. 

Community Builder

With her spearheading the cooperative, digital skills training, and managing her own digital transformation mentorship business at the same time, the cooperative has been her source of strength, ensuring that she is constantly working around what she loves, and helping the people closest to her heart. 

Her first love

Roche fell in love with poetry a long time ago. Her passion for rhythmic words is the reason why she also learned to love content and copywriting.

A Gift to the World

To this day, Roche persistently helps clients in uncovering their passion and life’s purpose. Her mentorship provides solace as they conceptualize their ideas and navigate the challenges of establishing successful businesses and go through then process of  digital transformation. She firmly believes that by assisting individuals in achieving their gaols, she may have fulfilled her “gift to the world.”

“I love poetry, old music, sunset, stars, moon and mountain tops…

I guess I am an old soul.”

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