Digital Transformation

A journey of passion and purpose, for work and business

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Embarking on your digital transformation journey is a goal in itself. But, defining that goal? That’s the real challenge!

Navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape can be overwhelming. Finding the right path demands support, guidance, and a roadmap to success.

I’m here to push your boundaries, piece together the complexities, and drive motivating results to propel your digital transformation forward, even on those tough days.

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What I can help you with

I believe in Paulo Coelho, author of theThe Alchemist” when he said,
And, when you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.” — think of me as someone the universe sent to make your ideas happen.


“Discover the Power of Mentorship: Your Guide to Growth and Success! 🌟

Mentorship is more than guidance—it’s a transformative journey. It’s about learning, growing, and achieving your full potential with the support of an experienced mentor.

Joining a mentorship program opens doors to invaluable insights, personalized advice, and a network of support, nurturing your skills and empowering you to reach new heights.

Ready to unlock your potential?

Embrace mentorship and step into a world of possibilities!


Empower Your Business with Consulting Expertise! 💼💡

Consulting isn’t just about advice—it’s about delivering solutions. It’s the art of identifying challenges, devising strategic plans, and implementing tailored solutions for success.

A consulting partnership offers fresh perspectives, specialized knowledge, and a roadmap to navigate complex business landscapes. It’s the key to unlocking potential and driving sustainable and scalable growth.

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Digital Marketing

Unleash the Potential of Digital Marketing! 🚀📈

Digital marketing isn’t just about promotion—it’s about forging connections and driving impact. It’s the fusion of creativity, data, and strategy to elevate your brand in the digital realm.

A digital marketing approach offers innovative solutions, engaging content, and targeted strategies to captivate audiences and achieve business objectives. It’s the catalyst for growth and visibility in a digital age.

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Training and Speaking

🌟💡 Embrace the Digital Revolution with our Training and Speaking Engagements! 💬🚀

Ready to navigate the digital landscape? Our specialized digital transformation training unlocks online opportunities while our captivating speaking engagements offer inspiration for success in the virtual realm. Elevate your skills for thriving in the ever-evolving online world.  💻✨

🔥 Captivate your audience with the opportunities that online platforms can offer. Create a clamor for digital transformation, whether for work or business. 

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Online Professionals Recruitment

🌟👩‍💼 Empower Your Business, Empower Lives: Hire Trained Filipino Professionals! 🇵🇭💼

Small businesses, let’s make a difference together! Access trained online professionals and create work-at-home opportunities for fellow Filipinos. Our recruitment services connect you with skilled talents, fostering a sense of advocacy while boosting your business.

Help build careers while growing your company. Join us in empowering lives through meaningful employment. 🌐🤝💻

🚀 Ready to make an impact and enhance your team? Connect with us and support the Filipino workforce today!

Course Development

Crafting Impactful Courses: Transformative Training at Your Fingertips! 📚🌟

Course development and training aren’t just about teaching—it’s about empowering change. It’s the art of curating enriching learning experiences that drive growth and proficiency.

Unlock the potential of your courses with meticulously crafted content, interactive sessions, and hands-on training that spark enthusiasm and foster deep understanding. It’s the pathway to skill development and knowledge enrichment, ensuring each participant experiences impactful transformation.

Ready to revolutionize learning experiences?

Embrace digital course development and training to shape the future of education!

Passion + Purpose + Prosperity = Y O U

Life is not all about us. It’s about what we are willing to do, learn, and give so that others can feel you exist and is making a difference.

Re-Discover yourself

Since 2014, we’ve operated within the training, coaching, and consultancy sector, aiding individuals such as yourself in uncovering their potential to establish businesses centered on their passions, ultimately discovering their life’s mission—a valuable contribution to the world.

Our team achievement

My enduring interest in fostering business growth, online entrepreneurial ventures, and educating in digital skills has prepared me to assist clients seeking to establish successful online enterprises using implementable smart, and scalable strategies. 

Mission, Vision and Core Values

I’ve assembled a team of like-minded individuals to assist you on this challenging journey. With the support of the right people, we’re committed to delivering motivational results, ensuring your path towards digital transformation is made smoother.


To help businesses in their digital transformation journey, while helping them discover their passion and life’s purpose, creating an ecosystem of opportunities large enough for everyone to thrive and grow. 


Empowering the Future of Digital Transformation with a thriving online landscape where visionary leaders unite, leveraging their collective expertise to cultivate a sustainable environment that propels progress and establishes unparalleled benchmarks for the benefit of all.

  • Kindness
  • Growth
  • Collaboration

I aim to establish a reliable community of digitally transformed businesses in diverse products and services, fostering a close-knit, family-like environment that nurtures personal character, growth, and entrepreneurial spirit

My why

Continuously guiding clients through the journey of digital transformation, I assist them in uncovering their passion and life’s purpose. My support serves as a source of comfort as they navigate the inception of their ideas and overcome the challenges of nurturing a successful business. I firmly believe that by aiding individuals in discovering their purpose within the digital realm, I am sharing my unique “gift to the world.”

Let’s hear from our happy clients!

Because I love what I do, and so are they… 

“Rochefel is a wonderful person with a caring heart. Essentially, she assisted me as a business development consultant to help me find the right people to grow my team. I highly recommend working with Rochefel Rivera and her team.”

Marla J. Harmon

Lead Generation Expert, Marla Harmon - Arkansas

Rochefel, thank you for taking the lead in organizing FOPSCO. Excited to see it reaching its potential with your leadership and teamwork commitment. Your passion in helping others develop their technical skills will help empower more Filipinos to go digital.

Janette Toral

Founder, Digital Filipino - Philippines

“It is a pleasure working with Rochefel Rivera. She shows a lot of passion and pride for the work that she does. Her flexibility and eagerness to get the work done makes her ideal for those seeking to elevate their business.”

Chris Der Kinderen

Singer | Project Manager APAC, Malaysia

First, Thank you so much for the work, time, and dedication you and your team put together to help me! Second, if you want to develop your ideas, potentials, experiences, or your dream to the next level she will be the right person to consult with and build your fundamentals structure to get started. She builds my website and a course fluently in English and Spanish, less than two months. Third, we took my experience as a mechanical insulator to a tremendous level to help a lot of people in the industry. I’m very amazed at the amount of work we put together in a short period with great communication skills. Lastly, I recommend her to the fullest extent that anyone can be recommended! 10/10 RATING! Thank you once again!

Oliver Mendieta

Founder, The Quadrant Shop - Louisiana, USA

Her professionalism draws people ‘s trust and confidence in whatever business development projects she helps with. Roche speaks from her heart thus establishes genuine and lasting relationships. I adore her dynamic personality. She never stops training and learning, and she’s forever evolving.

Mae Borromeo

Owner, Sharp n' Smart - Philippines

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