Sometimes, I wear my creativity hat and just let ideas flow inside my head. I let loose and absorb things. I try to remember and forget at the same time. Remember my dreams, the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing, and try to forget the pain, the sadness, and the uncertainties of life. To all business owners,  aspiring entrepreneurs, and dream-reachers, this is for you.

We will fall, we will cry, we will stumble, and sometimes find ourselves in the deepest pit that we can ever have. But if our DREAMS are bigger than all of these, our hearts WON’T FAINT. We will continue to build our dream business until the time comes that we can see ourselves living the life that we’ve been dreaming of. 

Aspiring entrepreneurs, and dream-reachers: this poem Is for you.


In His own TIME, We Will Achieve


DREAMS are mere thoughts until we ACT and COMMIT

Write them down, be SMART and make them GOALS instead

Life would go on, whether we LOSE or WIN

Wisely use our time, continue to fight at will


We’ll all grow old, have families and kids

Can we truly say, “I did my best and truly lived?”

Did we do enough, or fought comfortably? 

Did we CONQUER, or just surrendered miserably?


Dreams do come in many faces

Just as passion lies within us until we comprehend

Until we’ve communed with the “man” inside ourselves

Will we understand the joy of doing what we LOVE best


It’s NEVER too LATE to chase a DREAM

No one is too OLD or WEAK or SCARED if we BELIEVE

If God is willing and our HEARTS never faint

In His own TIME, we will ACHIEVE.  


May we all continue to be supportive of everyone’s dream. May we all learn to thank God for everything that He’s giving. For He knows better and His LOVE is overflowing. May this short post inspire everyone that needs it. May we all find peace in our hearts, rest in our spirits and the WILL to go on…