Everybody has to start somewhere, would you agree with me? When I was starting, the word sales funnel sounded so technical for me so I asked my mentor and a very good friend to grace the Passion and Purpose Podcast to demystify sales funnel and make it easy for regular people to understand.

Eight years ago, I met Sheila Logan from a Facebook group and we instantly connected through a post about blueberry cheesecake. It turns out we both love it, and from then on, I followed her every journey, applied all her tips and watched every webinar she has to offer until I learned enough so I can also pay it forward to others.

Sheila played an important role in my online journey and how I thought about my self worth. She mentored me when I didn’t know how the virtual industry works and helped me find the direction that I want to take.

In today’s Podcast episode, Sheila Logan, Professional Speaker, Podcaster, Facilitator, and Business Flipper simplified the way most entrepreneurs understand the sales funnel and gave an incredible insight on what’s happening at the back-end of every business and how to hack the relationship building process.

As the creator of YES! Women’s Network, Lock n’ Load Marketing, and The Messy Back-End Podcast, Sheila gained her experience in helping many entrepreneurs clean up the messy back-ends of their businesses, saving them time, making them money, and leading them to succeed. Basically, she flips businesses like realtors flip houses!

Let me cite a few things she mentioned during the podcast that you might find handy when converting prospects to sales.

Sales Funnel Made Easy

The goal of all your marketing efforts is to bring clients on the call. Make sure that all your efforts have your calendar at the end, asking them to book a FREE call.

Forget about lengthy Discovery Call scripts – others call it strategy calls. I am not a script follower myself but I find “forgetting the entire script” odd at first so you better listen to the shallow episode in Spotify and get your mind blown, too!
Make sure you schedule it in 15-minute-intervals – entrepreneurs don’t like lengthy calls so make sure to let them know you value their time.

Meeting Proper, first 10 minutes

First 5-minutes : Ask the prospect to tell you about his/her business. He/She’ll tell you everything you need to know so you better take notes.

Second 5-minutes : Throw in the question, “If you have a magic wand, what would you like to happen in your business so you can be happy about it”. Make sure you are still taking notes when he/she’s telling you all about it and use his/her own words later when it’s your turn to speak.

Don’t be tempted to talk – this is NOT easy for me to do, but I promise to give it a try. I am always in control of the call and ask a lot of questions so this part is new to me.

List down all of her concerns, while matching that to your list of services with prices. Tick mark the ones that match and get the total package price. We don’t want to give them hourly rates, so you better have that ready before getting at any call.

Last 5 minutes

Wrap up by giving your action plans from everything she just mentioned during the second 5 minutes of the call. Make sure you use the words she used so she would know that you’re attentively listening to her and has a solution to her problems. Tell her your solution and the corresponding price that you have to help her.
Send her the bill after the call and wait for the payment to arrive.

Easy peasy? Yes, it looks like it but wait until you’ve tried it yourself! I hope you’ll comment below what happens on your first try. This is not my normal discovery call process but I am willing to give it a go, too!

I hope that you will enjoy the Spotify version more because you will feel her energy and my excitement as Sheila spills more tips on how to close a client on a single call!

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