My first love…

I fell in love with poetry and literature when I was in high school. From then on, I started expressing myself through writing. I hope that by doing what I love, I can share a part of myself and inspire your entrepreneurial spirit. Together, let’s enjoy the roller coaster ride of my online adventures! 

My Online Adventures

Not everyone is given the chance to do what they love… When presented with an opportunity to do so, how far are you willing to stretch yourself to grow with it? 

PPP Ep2: Finding Your Gift To The World

PPP Ep2: Finding Your Gift To The World

Last week, I launched the Passion and Purpose Podcast and published an article about it. Today, as I finished recording the second episode, I felt obliged to share with you the process of finding your gift to the world, something not all of us have gotten the chance...

When Things Get Rough

When Things Get Rough

When things aren’t the way I expect them to be, I used to write poems to feel better. This is something I wrote a few years back, and I feel like sharing this now as my first post.   When Things Get Rough As They Sometimes Will   When things get rough as...

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